Comparative Analysis

We did a comparative analysis that compares the MLibrary’s website to other university websites, recommender systems and music exploration sites. We examined the university website to see other potential interface design. We looked at websites such as Amazon, to examine item-based and user-based recommender system. Lastly, we explored multiple music websites, such as Pandora, to see the different approaches in how they represent information or in creating visualizations. As a team, we rated the system according to a four-point scale to help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different websites. We narrowed the comparative field to fifteen items and conducted an in-depth comparative analysis based on several factors.

These factors include the functionality or novel features that could serve as future design inspiration. Second, we examined for simplistic in design and for aesthetic presentation of the interface, which we could refer to in our design process. Lastly, our team decided to rate each item based on a several factors which we deem to be useful. The main object of conducting a comparative analysis is to improve our design by examining other products.