Interaction Map
Interaction Map is a method for designers to visualize the major tasks users can perform. It highlights the interaction flow of task performance of the system by showing all the possible routes from page to page. It also serves as a guidance for designers to see all the major tasks users can perform in later design stages, such as during hi-fi prototyping and usability testing.
Aoide Interaction Map
Paper Prototype
We started off this competition through a brainstorming session at a iDesign MLibrary design jam during January, 2011. We examined different ideas, and decided that we want to explore the MLibrary’s audio collection, because audio as a medium should be independently represented as a collection. Moreover, each of our team members then individually came up with sketches about the design for all the pages. We discussed and brainstorm more alternatives.

We come out with four main pages: home page, search result page, our “music exploration” page, and profile pages for users. We finalized our initial design by drawing a series of sketches that illustrates the interaction flow of the system.

Home Page Search Result Page
Music Exploration Space Music Exploration Space: Artist
Music Exploration Space: Artist & Genre Profile Page with Browsing History